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The Pathophysiology and Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in COVID-19 Patients: A Literature Review

Mariana Cornelia Tilinca1, Maximilian Cosma Gliga2, Andreea Varga1

Original Research

The Predictive Potential of Elevated Serum Inflammatory Markers in Determining the Need for Intubation in CoVID-19 Patients

Samuel Windham, Kellen Hirsch, Ryan Peterson, David Douin, Lakshmi Chauhan, Lauren Heery, Connor Fling, Nemanja Vukovic, Fernando Holguin, Shanta Zimmer, Kristine Erlandson

Case Series

Hypercoagulopathy in Overweight and Obese COVID-19 Patients: A Single-Center Case Series

Azza Sarfraz1,2, Zouina Sarfraz1,3, Aman Siddiqui1,4, Ali Totonchian4, Syed Hashim Abbas Ali Bokhari5, Hafiza Hussain3, Muzna Sarfraz1, Gaurav Patel1, Muhammad Hassaan Amjad6, Sameer Saleem Tebha1, Ivan Cherrez-Ojeda7,8, Patrick Dreyer1, Harshad Amin1, Jack Michel1

Case Report

A Case of Self-salvation in a Determined Chloroquine Suicide Attempt

Sylvère Störmann, John Hoppe, Daniela Steinert, Matthias W. Angstwurm

The Use of Inhaled Epoprostenol for Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Secondary due to COVID-19: A Case Series

Komal Imtiaz1, Wade Jodeh2, Dave Sudekum2, Bruno DiGiovine2, Jason Hecht2

Methanol Poisoning Leading to Brain Death: A Case Report

Jakub Glowala1, Jeremy B. Richards2

Pheochromocytoma, Fulminant Heart Failure, and a Phenylephrine Challenge. The Perioperative Management of Adrenalectomy in a Jehovah’s Witness Patient: A Case Report

Sarah A. Bachman, Ryan S. Peterson, Peter S. Burrage, Leigh C Hickerson

COVID-19 Infection or Buttock Injections? The Dangers of Aesthetics and Socializing During a Pandemic

Derrick Anthony Cleland1, Clarence H. H. Tsai2, Joslyn Vo1, Dafne Moretta1