JCCM 2019, Vol. 5, Issue 3


Perioperative Care for Organ Transplant Recipient: Time for Paradigm Shift

Alexander A. Vitin


Precision Medicine and its Role in the Treatment of Sepsis: A Personalised View

Alexandra Lazăr1, Anca Meda Georgescu2, Alexander Vitin3, Leonard Azamfirei1

Original Research

Determination of Cut-off Serum Values for Resistin and S100B Protein in Patients Who Survived a Cardiac Arrest

Raluca M. Tat1, Adela Golea2, Ştefan C. Vesa3, Daniela Ionescu4

Case Report

The Management of a Thirteen Weeks Pregnant Woman Rendered Brain-Dead Following a Ruptured Aneurysm

Iwona Pikto-Pietkiewicz, Antoni Okniński, Rafał Wójtowicz, Marlena Wójtowicz

Locked-In Syndrome Following Cervical Manipulation by a Chiropractor: A Case Report

Guillaume Giordano Orsini1, Giorgios-Emmanouil Metaxas2, Vincent Legros3

Cervical Spine Spondylitis with an Epidural Abscess in a Patient with Brucellosis: A Case Report

Mohammad Reza Hasanjani Roushan1, Soheil Ebrahimpour1, Zeinab Mohseni Afshar2, Arefeh Babazadeh1