JCCM 2020, Vol. 6, Issue 1


The 2019 Novel Coronavirus: A Crown Jewel of Pandemics?

Razvan Azamfirei


Impact of Intravenous Fluids and Enteral Nutrition on the Severity of Gastrointestinal Dysfunction: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Varsha M. Asrani1,2, Annabelle Brown3, Ian Bissett1,4, John A. Windsor1,4

Original Research

The Dynamical Assessment of Inflammatory Biomarkers in Predicting the Outcome of Septic Patients and the Response to Antimicrobial Therapy

Alina Orfanu1,2, Victoria Aramă1,2, Cristina Popescu1,2, Cătălin Tilişcan1,2, Adrian Streinu-Cercel1,2, Ştefan Sorin Aramă1,2

Therapeutic Evaluation of Computed Tomography Findings for Efficacy of Prone Ventilation in Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome Patients with Abdominal Surgery

Masayuki Akatsuka1,2, Hiroomi Tatsumi1, Naoya Yama3, Yoshiki Masuda1

Predictors of In-Hospital Mortality after Recovered Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest in Patients with Proven Significant Coronary Artery Disease: A Retrospective study

Maria Trepa1, Samuel Bastos2, Marta Fontes-Oliveira1, Ricardo Costa1, André Dias-Frias1, André Luz1, Vasco Dias1, Mário Santos1, Severo Torres1

Prevalence and Prognostic Impact of Hypernatremia in Sepsis and Septic Shock Patients in The Intensive Care Unit: A Single Centre Experience

Mohamed Shirazy1,2, Islam Omar3,4, Duaa Abduljabbar5, Kamel Bousselmi2, Maryam Alkhaja5, Anis Chaari2, Vipin Kauts2, Karim Hakim2

Prognostic Value of Serum Lactate Levels in Critically Ill Patients in an Intensive Care Unit

Hedgar Berty Gutiérrez, Yenisey Arteaga Concepción, Jorge Soneira Pérez, Yanín Díaz Lara, Félix Mario Rivero López, Pedro Rosales Contreras

Case Report

When a Stroke is not Just a Stroke: Escherichia coli Meningitis with Ventriculitis and Vasculitis: A Case Report

Barbara Ribeiro1, Peter Bishop1, Sima Jalili2

Cerebellar Haemorrhage Leading to Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Ankit Agrawal1, Maria Cardinale2, Douglas Frenia3, Aveek Mukherjee1

Guillain–Barré and Acute Transverse Myelitis Overlap Syndrome Following Obstetric Surgery

Adina Stoian1,2, Anca Motataianu2,3, Zoltan Bajko2,3, Adrian Balasa4,5

Letter to Editor

To Be or Not to Be… Sepsis? A Daily Challenge in ICU

Adrian Man1, Bianca Liana Grigorescu2