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Optimizing Nutrient Uptake in the Critically Ill: Insights into Malabsorption Management

DOI: 10.2478/jccm-2024-0012

It has already been stated that nutritional support represents a crucial component in the care of critically ill patients [1]. Prolonged negative energy balance during intensive care stay was confirmed as an independent risk factor for mortality. High metabolic demand encountered for critically ill patients may cause significant energy deficits responsible for increased risk of infection, prolonged mechanical ventilation and ICU stay [2-4].
Aditionally, providing nutritional support in ICU patients is often deemd challenging, as enteral feeding intolerance devolps secondary to gastrointestinal dysfunction [5]. Exccesive antimicrobial usage along with associated risk of nosocomial diarrhea may further exacerbate feeding intolerance. [More]

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