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Takotsubo Syndrome: Is This a Common Occurrence in Elderly Females after Hip Fracture?

DOI: 10.2478/jccm-2020-0022

Background: The prevalence of Takotsubo syndrome in hip fracture is not known.
Methods: Hip fracture patients were evaluated in a multidisciplinary unit. Patients with ECG abnormalities and increased troponin I values at the time of hospital admission were included in the study Follow-up was clinical at 30 days and by telephonic interview at one year.
Results: Between October 1st 2011 to September 30th 2016, 51of 1506 patients had preoperative evidence of myocardial damage. Eight, all females, fulfilled the Mayo criteria for Takotsubo syndrome, six had no coronary lesions. Hip surgery was uneventful, and all eight were alive at thirty days, and seven of these were still alive after one year. Forty-three patients had myocardial infarction: mortality at thirty days and one year were 11% and 44% (p<0.0001, Student’s t-test;log-rank test).
Conclusion: At least 15% of patients with hip fracture and preoperative myocardial damage had Takotsubo syndrome. They were all elderly females. Contrary to myocardial infarction, Takotsubo syndrome has a favourable long term prognosis.

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