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The Effect of the Antioxidant Drug “U-74389G” on Haemoglobin Levels Following a Hypoxemia/ Re-oxygenation Protocol in Rats

DOI: 10.1515/jccm-2015-0017

Critically ill patients usually present with circulatory hypoxemia and this is associated with a poorer prognosis. The aim of this experimental study was to examine the effect of U-74389G with specific regard to a hypoxemia/re-oxygenation protocol, on mean blood haemoglobin (Hgb) levels in rats.
Materials and methods: Forty rats (mean weight 231.9 g) were used in the study. Hgb levels were measured at sixty minutes (groups A and C) and at 120 minutes (groups B and D) of re-oxygenation. U-74389G was administered only in groups C and D.
Results: U-74389G administration non-significantly increased the Hgb levels by 3.95+2.10% (p=0.0604). Re-oxygenation time non-significantly increased the Hgb levels by 3.39+2.12% (p=0.1285). U-74389G administration and re-oxygenation time together, significantly increased the Hgb levels by 2.55%+1.25% (p=0.0423).
Conclusions: Results of this study indicate that U-74389G administration, re-oxygenation time, but mainly their interaction significantly increase the Hgb levels within the studied time limits.

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