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Differential Diagnosis and Management Issues of Idiopathic Angiooedema and their Resolution

DOI: 10.1515/jccm-2015-0008

Angiooedema is a local and self-limiting swelling of the subcutaneous and sub mucosal tissues, produced by vasoactive peptides that temporary increase the vascular permeability.
It is recognized that recurrent angiooedema exposes patients to the risk of fatalities and reduced quality of life, being in some circumstances associated with a critical condition.
Angiooedema can occur with or without wheals. The first symptom is urticaria, the second is a distinct nosologic entity. In absence of an identifiable cause, recurrent angiooedema without wheals can be defined as idiopathic and marked“idiopathic histaminergic angiooedema” when it is responsive to anti histamine treatment, and “idiopathic non-histaminergic angiooedema” when it is not. Furthermore, idiopathic non-histaminergic angiooedema can be diagnosed as hereditary or sporadic by family history.
In this review, we summarize the approaches to diagnose and treat different forms of idiopathic angiooedema.

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